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4 June 2018
Whippet Rescue

... Angie & Bizzy ...
These two lovely Whippets are still looking for a home together.

Bizzy - fawn 7 yr old, male, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated and 
Angie - 10 yrs old, female, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Please visit our Rescue page to find out more about them

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4 October 2017
2017 Championship Show Judge's Critique
Our Judge's critique from our 2017 Championship Show has been added to the website.
Please visit our 2017 Champ Show Results - 'Judge's Critique' Page.

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16 August 2017
2017 Championship Show Results

Full results of our 2017 Championship Show have been added to the website.
Please visit our '2017 Champ Show Results' Page.

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29 October 2016
WCQ Whippet Rescue
A huge vote of thanks to our outgoing club Rescue Officer ....

Sadly, our totally amazing Rescue Officer Sue Spencer has made the very difficult decision to give up her position with the Whippet club due to other important life commitments.
In the years that Sue has held the position she has worked tirelessly not only to re-home many many rescue Whippets ... but so to in organising our wonderful Fun Days and fundraising efforts towards the rescue work she has carried out on behalf of the club. Her dedication to the welfare of needy Whippets cannot be measured, with the amount of time, effort, dedication, travel and worry that she has put into such a demanding 24/7 task.
Your tireless efforts will be much missed by all Sue - and from the club and heaps of happily re-homed whippies - thank you again!

Sue will continue until the end of December and the details of replacement Rescue Officer
will be updated as soon as such is available.

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2018 Dates to Remember
Please see our 'About the Club' page for more details on Meetings
and our 'Whippet Fun Day' page for further Walk / Fun Day information.

February   March



Sun 11 - Whippet Fun Day - Gold Coast

Sun 25 Mrch - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

April   May

General Meeting Wed 18 April 2018
7pm at Dogs Qld, meeting room, Durack

Sun 8 April - Lurecoursing
(American Staffordshire Terrier Club)

Sun 15 April - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

Sun 29 April- Lurecoursing
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Qld)


Sun 6 May - Lurecoursing
(American Staffordshire Terrier Club)

Sat 12- Sun 13 May - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

Sat 26- Sun 27 May - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

June   July

Sun 9 - WCQ Whippet Walk ay Nudgee Beach

Sun 9 June l- Lurecoursing
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier CLub of Qld)

General Meeting Wed 20 June 2018 
7pm - Venue TBA

Sat 23 June - Lurecoursing
(American Staffordshire Terrier Club)

Sun 24 June - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

Sat 30 JUne - Lurecoursing
(Qld Lurecoursing Committee)


Sat 7- Sun 8 July - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

Sun 15 July - Lurecoursing
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Qld)

Sat 28 July - Lurecoursing
(Dalmation Association)

Sat 28 - Sun 29 July - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Association)

August   September

Sun 5 August - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Assoc)

WCQ Championship Show
Friday 10 August at Durack 9am start 
Judge - Gay Robertson

Sun 19 August - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Association)

AGM -  Wednesday 22 August 2018
(then General meeting after)
Dogs Qld Meeting Room, Durack

Sat 25 August - Lurecoursing
(Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Qld)

Sat 26 August - Lurecoursing
(American Staffordshire Terrier Club)


Sun 2  September - First ever Whippet Lurecoursing Day (pending Dogs Qld approval)

Sun 2 September - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Association)

Sun 23 September - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Association)

October   November

Sun 14 October - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Association)

General Meeting Wed 17 October 2018
7pm - Venue TBA


Sun 18 November - Lurecoursing
(Qld Sighthound Association)


Sun 2 December - Lurecoursing Training (Qld Sighthound Association)
Sun 9 - WCQ Christmas Fun Day (Spring Hill off leash park)


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