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Whether you currently own or have previously owned a Whippet or possibly are completely new to the breed, we hope the information contained on this website will be of assistance.

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Updates will be regularly added to our noticeboard so don't forget to check back for news of club events and happenings.

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14 October 2016
Ammended Meeting Dates
Please note that club's meetings are now held on the third Wednesday of the month
(exception being the December 2016 meeting which is on Sunday 4 at the Fun Day)
Dates as follows:
Wednesday 19 October 2016
Sunday 4 December 2016, at Fun Day
Wednesday 15 February 2017
Wednesday 19 April 2017
Wednesday 21 June 2017
Wednesday 23 August (beginning with AGM)

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25 September 2016
WCQ Whippet Rescue
Rescue Whippets in Need of Fovever Homes
The club rescue service once again has a several lovely Whippets who through
no fault of their own are in urgent need of new forever homes.
Please visit our Whippet Rescue page to see photos and more details.

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8 September 2016
WCQ 2016 Championship Show
Results, Photos and Judge's Critique

Results, Photos, and Judge's Critique have been uploaded to the website
please visit our '2016 Champ Show Results' Page

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19 July 2016
WCQ June 2016 Newsletter

The club's newest Newsletter is out - please visit our Club Newsletter page to view it.

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2016 Dates to Remember
Please see our 'About the Club' page for more details on Meetings
and our 'Whippet Fun Day' page for further Walk / Fun Day information.

February   March

Tues 2 - WCQ General Meeting
Saturday 20 - WCQ Open Shows
Sunday 21 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial


Sunday 6 - WCQ Whippet Walk
Sunday 13 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial

April   May

Tues 5 - WCQ General Meeting
Sunday 24 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial


Sunday 22 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial

June   July

Sunday 5 - WCQ Fun Day (Gold Coast)
Tues 7 - WCQ General Meeting
Sunday 19 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial


Sunday 17 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial

August   September

Tues 2 - WCQ AGM + General Meeting
Friday 5 - WCQ Championship Show
Saturday 6 - Whippet day at the RNA
Sunday 7 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial
Sunday 28 - WCQ Whippet Walk


Sunday 11 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial

October   November

Wed 19 - WCQ General Meeting
Sunday 30 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial


Sunday 13 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial

December 2016

Sunday 4 - WCQ Fun Day + WCQ General Meeting
Sunday 11 - QSA Lure Coursing Trial

We hope you enjoy our new website
it is a work in progress with information and photos being added regularly
So please visit us again soon.


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